Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hendrick's with Cucumber

This 88 proof, small batch Gin is imported from Ayrshire Scotland, where we typically find our single malts.  I was turned onto this image by a close friend who wanted to commision me to paint the bottle.  After doing my due diligence from the reviews, I can say that this is a very unique spirit that deserves attention.  Not your typical Gin, Hendricks is infused with essence of cucumber and rose petals that provide a subtle juniper aroma and "velvety" flavor.

The bottle itself is reminiscent of an old medicine bottle one would find back in the 20's.  That is appropriate when considering the history of Gin itself.  In early 17th century Holland it was produced as a medicine and sold in chemist shops to treat stomach ailments, gout and gallstones. British soldiers fighting in the Low Countries during the 30 Years' War were given 'Dutch Courage' during the long battles in the damp weather through the warming properties of gin. Eventually they started bringing it back home with them.  I will be bringing some home with me on my next visit to the "apothecary".

5.5" x 8" Water Color on Cold Press Paper.


  1. That's a very cool painting. Would look great framed and in someone's dimly lit den/study or over a bar. BTW, congrats on the Moldy Chum placement today...good to see you getting some recognition.

  2. Hendricks and Boodles have been my "gin of choice" for sometime now. I recently added a third to that duo - New Amsterdam.

  3. Great gin....and even better painting...