Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More "Frontier" Art

In Keeping with me theme of the Bulleit "Frontier" are two pieces of art from my past:
                                                          Fence Mending

The Cowboy mending a fence in winter.  Acrylic on masonite board 54" x 30".  This painting is from 1995 and currently hangs in a private collection.  I was inspired by a recent trip to the west.  What was it really like to be a cowboy in the early days of the frontier?  I know one thing...not easy.  The interesting thing is the fact that this image could be from 1910 or 2010.  The Cowboys of the west are still around and as tough a breed as you can find.  What do you think is this guys story?  Does he fly fish?  If he does, he's not practicing catch and release...he's cooking up some trout on a an iron skillet.  Does he drink whiskey?  Probably.  Is he a loaner? Thoughts?

                                                            Sad Cow

The Sad Cow is a Pastel on Paper 30" x 24" hanging in a private collection, circa 1999. 

FishyKid Bio:

I am very excited to announce my bio listed as one of the contributing artists on the website...check it out and aslo look around the FishyKid's got some great contests!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Bite The Bulleit

This is one of my favorite...Bulleit Bourbon - Frontier Whiskey.  My first encounter with the Bulleit was on the Ashtabula River on the border of PA and Ohio hunting down Steelhead in November of 2007.  I didn't catch many Steelhead but enjoyed some of the warmth created by this finely crafted bourbon.  I would have to say I like to enjoy the Bulleit "neat" either from a highball or right out of this beautiful bottle.  The Bottle really is reminiscent of the old frontier and when you grab one, you feel like you are stepping back in time.  Be sure to hook yourself up on your next trip to your favorite river, especially when the chill returns to the air.  The Bulleit will comfort you and provide you warmth as if you were heading out into the frontier. 

The Painting is 5.5" x 8" Water Color on Cold Press Paper.  I received such a great response from the "Dry Fly" Whiskey bottle, that I thought the Bulleit would make a great subject.  I am very fond of the turnout of this painting. 

Tight Lines and Bottoms Up!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Valley Creek Brown Trout

Water Color 5.5" x 8" on cold press.  Naitive Brown Trout I caught on Valley Creek in Valley Forge PA.  This was a spectacular fish at aproximatley 13".   She hit my elk hair caddis dry hard and fought the good fight.  So great to catch these native browns in Valley Forge.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The "Big One" for Patrick - Birthday Fish

Custom Water Color on Cold Press.  5.5" x 8".  Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.  This painting was a custom birthday present for Patrick, a future Angler for sure.  Patrick turns one year old today!  Happy Birthday little man!

Red Butt High Voltage Midge!

Thought this was a cool pattern.  Water Color on Paper.  5.5"x 8".
Found on's the link:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bows & Browns on the Lackawaxen

Caught this nice strong Rainbow on the Upper West Branch of the Lackawaxen in PA.  This fish was torpedoed out of the water 3 times while I was bringing her in...about 3 to 4 feet out of the water!

A nice Brownie caught by my buddy minutes earlier.

Trying to take advantage of the sunlight...tying on a small elk hair caddis

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Salmon Run - Water Color Painting by my Good Friend Jennifer Kolmer

10" x 16" Water Color Painting by my good freind Jennifer Kolmer.  Jennifer is an acomplished painter with many works hanging in private galleries throught the north east.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yellow Sally 6

4" x 6" This Water Color painting is a Dry Fly called the Yellow Sally 6 inspired by the fly tying of Whiskey Creek.  The "Yellow Sally Fly Pattern, tied on a Tiemco 101BL, size 14. Tied like a yellow elk hair caddis, but with a red foam underbody/egg sac" an update, here is a great fly tying video on MidCurrent by Michael Yelton.  Michael ties another version of the Yellow Sally:

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Price : $100 USD

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Guitar Player - Robert Johnson

This is an older pastel drawing that I pulled out of hiding.  The piece hangs in a private collection in Devon, PA.  Robert Leroy Johnson is the most influential Delta Blues Artist impacting all of the blues we listen to today.  So, he sang the blues back then in the Missisipi Delta...imagine how blue he would be now if he knew about BP?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dry Fly Whiskey - Washington Wheat!

I was having a few slugs of whiskey watching the Flyers game and thought this might make a nice subject..the colors are oh so "Flyers" :

Water Color on heavy weight paper - 5.5" x 8.5"
I need to pick up a bottle of they sell this in PA?
Check out thier cool website also


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