Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Open Access in Winter

Hunkered down for the winter, I thought this would be a nice subject.   

I imagined that beyond this old gate lies a nice trout stream waiting to be discovered.  This is the kind of spot that requires some whisky running through your blood to keep warm. 

I found this photo on flickr.com by a photographer and artist Allison Ryder .  The photo was accompanied by this Poem:

"i'm tired" thought the fence ~ winter fence friday {Explore}
In the mountains through and around,
along the road here's what i found.
a fence so old
it could no longer stand.
The snow came down warm and hard
settling itself on wood and barb.
it whispered "my dear tired fence,
let me lay with you, you’re not alone."
Sighing deep the fence let go
Leaning now against the snow.
resigned but happy
a fence no more.~ Allison Ryder