Tuesday, July 27, 2010

OFF THE GRID - The Trailer

Currently touring on the Fly Fishing Film Tour, "Off the Grid" looks like a must see.  Here is the description from the producers:

"When we set out in the spring of 2009 to film our new movie, Off the Grid, we decided to look for people, places, hatches and fish outside the norm. We started out west, chasing hatches and trout in Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and Montana. From there we traveled north to Southeast Alaska and BC. We made a brief stop in the Midwest, then completed our filming on the remote flats in Mexico. On behalf of our entire crew, we are proud to present a unique cut created for the 2010 fly fishing film tour, a sneak peak at the new film... Off the Grid. We hope you enjoy the show!"

Couldn't figure out how to stop the "Auto Play" on this video...so here's the link to it: Off The Grid - Vid Here


  1. Thanks for the tease on the tight vid. It's got me at my desk just wanting more.

  2. Hey Peter. Thanks for stopping by Northern California Trout. Sometimes that's the only way we find cool blogs like yours. I've added you to my blogroll under "not necessarily about fishing" and will stop by as you post. Your paintings are awesome. A talent I wish I had, but don't. The film is killer.


  3. Wow....some speechless shots that only someone who has been there can understand. Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to see the movie.

  4. Awesome footage. Aside from the fish, love the spey cast where the fly lands directly in front of the camera.