Sunday, August 22, 2010

Red White Blue Streamer

A little late for the 4th of July, but I was inspired to capture this.  I found this fly on The Daily Fly Paper can check the link in my faves.  I added a little of my own character to the fly, but the essence is the same.  I was challenged by my father and my sister to come up with something Red White and Blue..and I think this fits the bill.  What kind of fish are striking this streamer?

God Bless America!

5.5" x 8" Water Color on 140 lb. Cold Press.  I'll be getting this framed shortly and will post.

Newly Framed:


  1. Nice fly. What kind of fish would hit This??? Why nothing but a GOOD OLD AMERICAN TROUT. Im sure an Amercan bass wouldn't turn it down. I would't fish it across the pond though. I don't think they like our yankee flies.
    Keep them coming Peter.

  2. I think you met the challenge...Looks amazing...

  3. Hi Peter. This could be like the ones that Dave Bargeron is doing with the Jazz Great Flies he's tying. May not catch anything, but great to look at. He's on the way to 50 and putting them into a book.


  4. I'm sure if it was fished, it would catch. That's the American way.