Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Garden Peppers

So, the garden is slowly coming to an end for the season.  Sad to say that a critter has figured out that my tomatoes are pretty amazing...nicely paired with trout, salmon, and other fish caught on the fly rod.  Not quite sure what type of animal we've got stalking my veggies, but there is word of a fox in the neighborhood.  The squirrels seem to be quite brazen as well and could be the culprits.  I need to camp out some night with my headlamp and slingshot!  Here is my ode to the garden for the summer of 2010.  If only the critters would have tried to taste these first, I'm sure they would have run for the hills.

Water Color on 5.5" x 8" cold press paper. 
Yes...these suckers are HOT.


  1. Hope you have better luck with the slingshot than I do. I'm so bad the squirrel that's been eating my deck, just sit there and laughs at me. If the pebbles I use were a baseball, I'd have the best curve ball in the country.

    Your paintings are fabulous.


  2. First time on your site. Very nice. You are talented.

    The Average Joe Fisherman