Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blue Cheek Trout

This Brown Trout has some nice features.  I wanted to deepen the feel of the spawning colors and provide a substantial backround to strengthen the overall look of of this girthy beauty.  I really enjoyed stepping a little more outside of my typical style.  Gradually I will let go a little further. 

5.5" x 8"  Water Color on cold press 140 lb. 
See if you can guess where I found the model for this Trout.  Here's a of my Favorite Blogs...and there hasn't been a post in a long time...i'll reveal in a few weeks once there have been a few stabs where she came from.
Can't wait to get this's going to look legit!
By the way...she's for sale...just shoot me an email.



  1. Beautiful! Not sure which blog it is from but you did a nice job.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Very nice. The detail you're able to portray with your water colors is amazing.

    My answer in the form of a question is 'What is Glassy Waters?'

  3. As Trebek would respond..."Oh, no...I'm soooory." Guess again. 2nd Hint: The Blog's last post was Tues Feb 2nd 2010

  4. Well as Sean Connery on SNL would say - "You’ll rue the day you crossed me Trebek!"

  5. MMMM let me see, What is
    Is that a 1000 or are we into double Jep?

  6. AYearOnTheFly gets answer! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! Circle gets the square! Teton Trout has some of the best looking fish on any site I've seen out there providing me with tons of subjects to paint. Thanks Joel...good work!