Friday, February 17, 2012

Taste God's Country - Jackson Hole Part 2

Continuing with the theme of ski town culinary delights, our next stop is Teton Thai.  Located in Teton Village, just a short walk from the base of the Tram, Teton Thai is the perfect post ski spot to dig into some amazing authentic Thai Cuisine.  This place was filled with locals, so you know it's the real deal.   
The Spicy Margarita

The Menu has all of the classic Thai dishes.  We got into the Pad Thai...spicy level 3.  The spicy scale goes from 1-5.  Not really sure how someone could manage level 5.  Level 3 had me at my sweaty limit.  Not to mention I topped that off with a Spicy Margarita.  Wow.  That's a damn good combo that really brings the heat.
The Bar at Teton Thai

Here are some of the other establishments where we dined;

Apres Ski Spots included The Alpenhoff Bar & Bistro.  They deliver a "roaring fire, live entertainment and the friendliest crowd in Teton Village".  This place was a blast and it's clear that everyone was enjoying themselves.  How could you not?  Buzzes were flying high and the band was kickin'!   
Alpenhoff Bar & Bistro
Next on the list of Apre' Ski hot spots is the Mangy Moose.  This is the old faithful of Apres Ski. The Moose provides a huge list of beers, a great crowd and unmatched mountains of Nachos.   They also have a nice sized stage for casual post skiing solo acts, and concert style music events.

The Moose Hangs Above Your Head

Mangy Moose Nachos

The Peak is located slope side in the Four Seasons and is a great spot to catch the last rays of Sunshine after a long cold day.  They serve craft beer, creative cocktails and wines by the glass while you sit in an oversided deck chair watching skiers make it down Apres Vous.

View from Peak at the 4 Seasons
Bloody -The Peak at the 4 Seasons (photo Allie Arthur)

 Corbet's Cabin is located at the top of Rendezvous Mountain, has grab-n-go items, world-famous waffles and unlimited views.  You are at 10,450 feet and feel as though you are on the top of the world.  It's the perfect spot to stop after jumping off the Tram to get one last bit of warmth before you rip down the mountain.


Corbet's Cabin 10,450 feet

Another more sophisticated dining experience is Osteria.  Located at the base of Teton Village, Osteria boast delicious Italian Cuisine and a top notch wine bar.  Our choices were the Buffalo Ragu Fucilli Pasta and Veal Shank over Gnoccis and Broccoli Rabe

Buffalo Ragu Fucilli Pasta 

Veal Shank over gnocci and broccoli rabe
What Valentines diner with my wife would be complete without gourging ourselves on Sushi.  We made reservations at Masa Sushi in Teton Village for 7:30.  We showed up at 6:00.  Enough said.  The place is legit and they take care of you like you are family.  Sit at the sushi bar and talk to Mike, the son of the owners.  He's the man.  Enjoy a few saki bombs with him.

Whats left of my sushi plate.
And finally here are a few shots of the 12+ inches of new snow that fell during our visit.  The skiing was superb.  Jackson Hole has no substitute.

View of Teton Valley After 6" Fresh.

Cheyenne Chapel hidden in the pines good place to "pray"

Above Bernie's Bowl  Steep and Deep.

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