Thursday, February 9, 2012

In A Daydream

There is a song by The Freddy Jones Band called "In a Daydream".  It starts off like this:

Tuesday mornin' never looked so good / I'm already in, In a daydream... was actually this past Tuesday morning when I got a text from my buddy, we'll call him "The Forcer".  The text was no text at all, but rather this picture.  Enough said.  Daydreaming begin.....

The Forcer had just hooked into this beautiful Bone Fish on the fly down in Island of Andros in the Bahamas.  A yearly pilgrimage to Andros with The Forcer and a team of jackals, I have been on the invite list for many years, but have failed to make the trip.  I'm told this trip includes camping on the beach, drinking heavily, and slaying big bones.  Someone remind me again WHY I haven't joined?

The weather report calls for snow in the NorthEast this week and I am sitting at my desk in this "daydream".  As I flip through the text from The Forcer, an email literally floats into my inbox from another good friend, we'll call this one "Dr. J".  This email contains only the picture below:

One might assume, these are two friends of mine who are on a trip together.  One would be wrong.  They have never met, and are on two separate trips.  Dr. J is in Islamorada.  While I sit. At my desk.  In A Daydream. 

Tuesday mornin'
never looked so good
I'm already in
In a daydream
The sun is shinin'
It's here to wake me up
No one around
Just me and the sky
I'm already in
In a daydream
The sky is callin'
It's callin' out my name
Telling me just to stay
Stay, don't go away
And a breeze is blowin'
Blowin' across my face
Well I just don't know where
But I wish I could be there
Just for a little while
I'm already in
In a daydream

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  1. Nice blog...first time visitor and I enjoyed looking through your site. Some great artwork displayed throughout , love your work.