Monday, February 27, 2012

English Springer Spaniel

When I was a kid I had an English Springer Spaniel named Rupert.  Rupert was one of two dogs we had at the time, the other an English Sheep Dog named Shag-Bag...aka, "Shag".  The term "springer", according to Wikipedia comes from their historic hunting role, where the dogs would "spring" or "flush" birds into the air. 

There was no mistaking Rupert's fondness of springing into the air.  He drove Shag crazy.   
Rupert was actually a total spaz.  He didn't last too long in our family, but wreaked havoc while we had him.  He needed to get out to a place where he could run free.  

Recently came across some pictures from a hunter friend of mine on the Hunting Subsite of Reddit  His name is Beau, and is apparently is the spitting image of his father and a natural hunter.  He's no doubt a more relaxed pooch than Rupert.  I haven't really painted too many dogs, but I like how this turned out.  I'll be doing some more in the future...if they can sit still.

Here is a picture of Rudneck's Springer Spaniel:

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  1. Hi Peter!

    Lovely painting of Rupert, was it? And I just love the Brown Trout held in hands in the slideshow. Wow! I want to go fly fishing right now but unfortunately it's winter here in Sweden and I have to wait for spring or at least a little warmer temperature since the rivers are opening up in some places.

    Have fun making beautiful paintings,