Friday, December 3, 2010

The Mighty Snook

A good friend relocated down south and has promised to bring me Snook fishing some day.  So, I've done my research and am looking forward to the opportunity.  Here is my attempt at capturing the Snook on paper.  Another warm water fish that "tricky" to catch.  Not only can they be hard to catch...specifically on the fly because they like to go deep, but these suckers can grow up to 47".  If your calculator is broken, that's almost 4 FEET LONG....damn!

The Fly Rod might not always be the ideal weapon of choice to bring these guys in as the recommended tackle is a 9- to 11-weight rod, with 40- to 50-pound-test tippets. Either way you catch them, the make for a nice meal and I think a great painting subject, racing stripe and all!

Watercolor on Cold Press 9"x 12"

For a more in depth description of the habits of the Snook, take a look here at Florida Sports Man


  1. The only one I caught (12 lbs) was with a small mullet, hooked in the skin right behind the head, left circling on the surface of the Intercoastal Waterway below a bridge. It was one of the most memorable fish I've caught.


  2. Great job. Now come on down so I can show you what they pull like!