Monday, December 27, 2010

Dewar's White Label

Watercolor on coldpress 9"x12"

As a follow up to yesterday's Grey Goose post, I thought I'd pay tribute to all of the "brown" lovers out there with the classic Dewar's Bottle.  The Dewar's White Label is a basic Blended Scotch Whiskey.  Founded in 1846, the Dewar's brand became famous world wide.

History tells us thaAndrew Carnegie sent a barrel of Dewar's Whisky to President Benjamin Harrison in 1891. The President was criticized by the press for supporting a foreign brand and not a domestic bourbon, but this ended up doing wonders for Dewar's advertising as orders from all over the United States began to pour in for Dewar's Whisky. A quote from Tommy Dewar at the time reads, "it was the very best advertisement I ever had, and certainly the cheapest...inquiries and orders flowed to us from all parts of the states.


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