Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ausable Salmon Bomb

The Ausable Salmon Bomb is a sweet looking attractor fly that I found on the Ruff Waters Fly Fishing Blog. 

Watercolor on 9" x 12" Coldpress paper
I haven't fished the Ausable, but it will be crossed off my list some day for sure. This fly was not easy to paint...took me a few evenings and many beers and a bottle of red...oh and some whiskey too. I assume tying it is no easy task either. The plan according to Ruff Water's blog is to hit the Lake Champlain tributaries with this beautiful Salmon Fly. I'm sure there is a nice chill to the air up there right now...and those fish are hungry!

Take a look at the Ruff Waters Fly Shop to see a good selection of Adirondack Fly gear as well as a nice Ausable River Watershed guide service.  If you'd like to see this fly directly, check out the Ruff Waters Blog I'm always on the lookout for more interesting, eye catching subjects...if you have ideas "swing them" my way.

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  1. Your flies have been pretty sick lately. You've got that 3D look where the flies pop off the page down my friend.