Monday, April 4, 2011

Opening Day Brown

I thought Opening Day of Trout Season in South Eastern PA would be a good subject to introduce a new painting that I recently completed.  This Brown Trout has the gaping "stranded" look after being caught and held by the angler to model for the photo.  I also included the circular water reflections picked up by the camera as I feel it ads a sense of depth.

Watercolor on Cold Press - 12" x 14"

This brown is loosely modeled after a trout I found on from user:
Flikr - mdoughty68 You should also check out his Blog, as he's got some fantastic photos and subjects, not to mention is a Patriot of the US Military: Trout Tripper

Speaking of Opening Day...yesterday the family and I packed up and headed to a good friends house to enjoy and opening day brunch.  Our freid's house is located on tha banks of Darby Creek in Newtown Square PA and provides excellent access to the river.  We were actually a day late on the river (opening day was Saturday) and I think the fish were all gone.  We were fishing downstream from a hoard of spinners who were slapping the water.  I did see a few trout, but they were not interested in the brunch I was serving up.  It was good to break the gear out for the first time this season and I look forward to doing more of the same this spring and summer.  Here's a shot of the back of my rig with all of my gear lined up..perhaps a good panitng subject.  (Send me your gear shots if you have some good ones)

Have a great  season!