Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday in the Valley

Brushing off the cobwebs of a long, cold, wet winter my friend and I bailed from work had a "business" meeting in the afternoon. We headed into historic Valley Forge Park to try our luck on a stretch of Valley Creek that I had not fished before.  It was a beautiful day accompanied by a gorgeous stretch of water.  After a little investigating and a few run-ins with hissing Canadian Geese protecting their nests, we started to see what seemed like a sulfur hatch coming off around 4:00.  

We had a few of the feisty native browns hitting our nymphs earlier in the day, then they started hitting a combination of emergers and dry flies.  I used this little olive pattern (see below) with a gray wing and we started to see some action.  These fish were literally jumping out of the water making me tingle every time.  I had this 13 inch brown jump over my fly like a horse at a steeple chase.  Finally we had some luck and brought in a couple of fish.  We were very happy and look forward to our next "business" meeting together.
 The End.


  1. Enjoyed your pictures and great looking blog!

  2. Glad I found your blog. Looks like a pretty fun day!