Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two of Hearts - River Runt

The Two of  Hearts is a the lovers card.  I chose this subject with some inspiration from a deck of playing cards given to me by a friend.  The Deck includes old school fishing lures and spinners.  I thought this one paints an interesting idea.  The 2 hearts of lovers...the two incredibly sharp tri-hooks...perhaps waiting hook each heart together.  What do you think it signifies? 

The River Runt c. 1929. 

Here is a great website that has an unbelievable collection of old lures, including the River Runt: Old Fishing Lure


  1. not exactly sure what it signifies but thats a pretty sweet deck of cards...

  2. I like the concept and the lure is great! like all the rest of your stuff, Great job.