Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Permit In Light

The Permit, Trachinotus falcatus is a fish found in the shallow, tropical waters of the Atlantic...or the fly fisherman's southern destination..."The Flats".  It is one of the most difficult fish to catch, but worth the I'm told.  The Greek origins of the name Trachinotus falcatus mean "Rough Back" and "Armed with Scythes".  A reference to the sharp dorsal fin that occasionally protrudes out of the water.
Water Color on Cold Press 9"x12"

I thought this would be a nice painting to get people thinking about the warm weather destinations they have planned for the upcoming winter chill up north. (Also would make a nice Christmas present.)  I know I've been thinking about it as evidence of my painting subject!  Here is a link to a guide service called Tropic Bay that charters trips to St. Martins Reef off of the central west coast of Florida and the Keys.  I'll try to keep some warm weather subjects coming your way to let you have a nice daydream.  Now, close your eyes and queue the Bob Marley tune Trench Town Rock!

Who has tropical fishing plans this winter?

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