Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Big Eyes You Have

"What Big Eyes You Have"

Graphite & Acrylic on Canvas 14"x14"

I have been wanting to get back into the heavier mediums - Acrylic and Oils and this is my first foray back into those mediums in quite some time.  This Acrylic/Graphite painting is of my daughter, Pilar dressed as Little Red Riding Hood for Halloween last year.  My wife made the cape from's beautiful and was the perfect fit for Pilar.  Her sheepish grin was easy to capture, but the eyes were very difficult.  There is a lot going on behind them, trust me.  I was going to call this painting "Watch Out Wolf" because I feel sorry for the wolf who crosses paths with this one. 

I plan to venture more and more into the deeper mediums and look forward to making progress and expanding learning more through the process. (Disclaimer....the photo doesn't do the painting justice...I have a terrible camera).  My inspiration for this painting comes partially from an artist I follow, Michael Shapcott Take a look.

Here are a few reference pictures:

Graphite Underdrawing:

And here is my little Pilar holding the (Finished???) painting:

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