Thursday, February 16, 2012

Taste God's Country - Jackson Hole Style

Culinary Adventures in Jackson Hole
I have not really focused on food over the past few years in my blog and thought my recent trip into God's Country, aka... Jackson Hole, Wyoming would make a choice cut for my readers.  After all, I do believe that besides fishing and art, the other most important vices are food, booze and skiing.  Recently, my wife and I were lucky enough to escape for a few days into the West for a little R&R, some world class skiing and  some fine cuisine.  Over the next few days I'll take you on a little journey into our  trip.  

"Inspired Home Cooking"

Pork Belly Hash w/ Eggs Beni
We began our foray at Cafe Genevieve at 135 East Broadway in the center of Jackson Hole.  Housed in a historic log cabin, the warm atmosphere is the perfect spot to indulge after a long flight in from anywhere else in the "real world".  The Managing Partner, Fred Peightal pictured below, a graduate of the Cornell Hotel Administration School and French Culinary Institute, has pieced together an amazing menu of comforting plates and inviting atmosphere.  His Partner, Joshua Govenale ads a depth of culinary creativity and  kick assery.

I was presented with Pork Belly Hashed Eggs Beni.  To date, the best eggs beni I've had.  No Contest.  My accomplice ordered the Cuban Sandwich with hand cut chips.  When she wasn't looking, I ate half of this as well.  Awesome.

Classic Cuban Sandwich

The highlight, of your visit that you will press into your flavor brain is the Candy....Pig Candy.  Oh My God.  The Pig Candy.  Don't take my word for it...just ask the good folks at the PorkKnifeandSpoon the official blog of the National Pork Board.  If anyone knows of a word to that combines "Pork", "Ridiculous", and "Holy Bacon", please let me know so I can edit this.
Pig Candy and Paco's IPA 
And to wash it all down, the ladies might enjoy a nice mamosa or a bloody mary.  I on the other hand chose a local IPA called Pako's.  Pako's Eye-P-A is a creation of the Snake River Brewing Company with a 6.8% ABV.  This is a damn good beer with a full hoppy flavor.  A perfect apre' ski lube to get your buzz to an acceptable plateau.  Pako, as legend has it, is a one eyed dog...or is he?

Fred joined me at 10,000 feet the next day for a few runs from the top of The Tram where we took advantage of some classic Teton Powder.  We worked up a hefty appetite and followed that up with a few apres' beers.  I'll fill you in later on a few more of our culinary adventures as my Wife and I explored through the Teton Valley for our 10th Valentine's Day!

The Tram

Fred Peightal

Glorious Pow

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